Let’s Create New Corporate Value!
~ Enhancing the passing down of technology and our R&D system ~

Benda Group has established a system of dual development bases with one in Japan and one abroad.

In addition to South Korea, which has served as our main development base up to now, we have created a new development base in Japan in order to enhance our R&D and testing capabilities, as well as to continue expanding the scope of our business operations beyond automobile parts. Within the grounds of our Headquarters Kure Plant, we have constructed the “Benda Global Technical Center” to oversee the R&D functions of the Benda Group, and “Benda Engineering” as the home of functions such as facilities development. A display area named the “Benda Innovation Tech Gallery” has been created on the first floor of the “Benda Global Technical Center” to introduce the technology and history of our company.

Benda Global Technical Center
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Benda Innovation Tech Gallery
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Entrance hall
Gallery room

Benda Engineering
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