December 18, 2023
Posted Introduction Video of Benda Engineering Co., Ltd. Visualization System
June 23, 2022
Adopted as a model project for improving job satisfaction by Hiroshima Prefecture in FY2021
April 8, 2020
Establishment of Mass Production System for Mass Ring

As a result of persistent research and a never-ending pursuit of quality, Benda continues to lead with the top global share for ring gears.

Bridges, dams, tunnels, plants ...    We contribute to the construction of Japan's infrastructure, as our country experiences an advanced level of growth. All of this started from the bending processing of steel.

We are building the future with our original Benda Method recognized around the world for manufacturing processes such as cold-bending processing, welding, and heat treatment.

Overseas production bases that uphold the "made-by-Benda" quality