BENDA Every Day

Bridges, dams, tunnels, plants ... We contribute to the construction of Japan's infrastructure, as our country experiences an advanced level of growth. All of this started from the bending processing of steel.

Engine Parts, Automotive Parts

Automotive ring gears, which are Benda Kogyo’s main product, are important parts for transmitting the rotation of the starter to the crankshaft, in order for the engine to start. In addition to ring gears for automobiles, we also provide metal ring products for trucks, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, and ships to manufacturers around the world. At our overseas plants, we manufacture axle rings, inertia rings, drive plates, drive plate assemblies, flywheel assemblies, and other parts for automobiles.


Bridges, Dams, Tunnels, and Plants

Benda Kogyo developed the cold-bending processing method for H-steels that are used in 80% of all dams in Japan. In 1973, we were granted a patent for an “method of cold-bending H-steels” that is used to manufacture H-steels to reinforce the doors when opening and closing a dam’s sluice gate. In 1974, we were granted a patent for a “method of bending steel pipes at small radius by cold processing”. This technology is used for infrastructure throughout Japan, such as dams, tunnels, bridges, and revolving restaurants on the top floors of hotels, as the economy experiences a high level of growth.