Please feel free to inquire by e-mail or phone.

You can inquire directly with the corresponding department.
● Product inquires: Sales Dept.
● Inquiries regarding procurement and purchased parts: Procurement Dept.
● Inquiries regarding employment opportunities: General Affairs Dept.

We will reply to inquiries within two business days.
Please indicate if you are recommended by a manufacturer or a financing bank.
Meetings are conducted online by using an Internet meeting system (Microsoft Teams). Meetings from overseas bases are possible by use of the Internet.

Provide Benda Kogyo with the information required for drawings and estimates (quantity, price, deadline, etc.) in order to understand what you need and how you will use it.

Benda Kogyo may also create proposed drawings of specifications (3D/2D) as necessary.

● Exchange of non-disclosure agreements
We utilize the advantages of the Benda Group, which has four bases across the globe (Japan, South Korea, China, and Thailand), to create and provide estimates using the optimal production region.
After agreeing to the details of the estimate from Benda Kogyo, please make an order.
The following documents are exchanged when signing a contract and an official order is made.
● Notice of mass production decision
● Order form
● Basic transaction agreement
*In some cases, the official contract may come after the notice of mass production decision or the notice may follow after the official contract.
Starting with our high technology and quality assurance system including the Benda Method, we provide high-quality products to match our customers’ needs.

<<Advantages of Benda Kogyo High-Quality Product Manufacturing>>
(1) We possess metal part machining technology for machining, thermomechanical processing, and surface treatment.
(2) Use of our cold and hot-rolling machines allows us to machine a wide range of size variations.
(3) Back-up production capability is available in case of an emergency because the same machining methods are used by each group company.
(4) We have production lines capable of handling small to large quantity programs.
(5) We provide high-yield ring products (cold and hot-rolled materials).
Benda Kogyo uses warehouses located in Osaka, Aichi, and Kanagawa and exclusive transport services. We also provide daily delivery as necessary by ensuring small-quantity freight routes.
You can import products from our four overseas bases (Thailand, South Korea, and two in China).

We are constantly improving our logistics quality by sharing monthly logistics quality information with three logistics companies who provide exclusive transport services (drivers).
From Order to Manufacture/Delivery