Benda Kogyo Co,. Ltd.  Health Declaration

We believe that the mental and physical health of our employees are the source of our competitiveness, and through the practice of “health management”, we promote the revitalization of our organization by improving the vitality and productivity of our employees. We aim to create a workplace where employees can continue to work for a long time in good health, and where they will not leave the workplace due to deterioration of their mental and physical health, such as lifestyle-related diseases and mental illnesses.

To this end, all employees will undergo medical examinations and periodically monitor their health status, improve the workplace environment, including long working hours, and support the daily health maintenance and promotion efforts of employees themselves.
Above all, I, as a president, will be actively involved in these efforts.

Benda Kogyo Co., Ltd.
President and Executive Director Kazunari Yashiro

Policy on initiatives

  1. We will pay more attention to the health management of each employee than ever before, and aim to create a workplace in which they can work with vitality.
  2. In tandem with the “work style reform”, we will improve the quality of life (QOL) of our employees and foster an internal culture that fosters the development of human resources who will continue to be active in the company for many years to come.
  3. By providing the information and know-how obtained through our health management, we contribute to the health of society as a whole and to the improvement of productivity.

About Our Trademarks

“Health Management” is a registered trademark of the Nonprofit Organaization Kenkokeiei.