Benda Kogyo Craftsmen


Craftsman of Bending
Former Senior Advisor Koji Yashiro




“We’ll bend the world’s iron!”

It takes technology to bend iron. Technology is needed in order to control the stress that occurs in steel materials when they are flexed and bended. There were no factories that concerned themselves with cold bending when we were founded and it was our founder and first Chairman Kazuyoshi Yashiro who thought “If that’s so …” and developed the methods and machinery with a company of his own. It was our former Senior Advisor Koji Yashiro who, together with his elder brother and former Chairman Yasuhiro Yashiro, progressively gave physical shape to that flash of inspiration by Kazuyoshi, who was then in the full flourishing of his challenge accepting spirit as a man of ideas Koji, Kazuyoshi, Yasuhiro and others developed the processing machinery and jigs needed for the bending processes by going through trial-and-error on the shop floor. “There’s no growth without improvements.” The history of manufacturing at Benda Kogyo is a history of challenges and improvements.


Craftsman of Metal-Rolling
Mamoru Oshika




“Techniques should be handed on”

Mr. Oshika joined Benda Kogyo two years after it was founded – he is one of the members who learned the discipline of manufacturing from the founder, Kazuyoshi. The first process he worked on was putting a round steel material under a roller to flatten it into a square cross-section. The four sides of the flattened material wouldn’t come out straight – it assumed a drum – like shape, and he had great difficulty in overcoming that. “It took me two years to learn now to force it into shape(haw to apply the right amounts of pressure).”


Craftsman of Development
Takashi Yamane




“Development is doing things over and over.”

There are time limits on development. You have to consider processes from scratch, make prototypes and evaluate quality over and over, while fighting against time as the seconds tick away. When the company was first founded, the four or five members immersed themselves in development work and forgot about resting. “Keep going all the way and make a success of it. Don’t break off thinking it can’t be done. It’s something that takes patience, but you’ll have a sense of satisfaction for each single process that comes through.”


Craftsman of Cuttting
Shojiro Anan




“Don’t fear mistakes.”

Cutting steel material while bending it. With the Benda Method. rolled steel material is wound into a coil form and cut into rings one by one along the axial direction of the coil by a cutting machine. This is a unique method that produces overlap by putting the coil form steel material in an expanded state with jigs when cutting. Mr. Anan is the skilled expert in charge of this series of processed. He accumulates experience and is fearless of mistakes. Mistakes will lead to loss for the company. “That’s why you must repeat operations so you don’t make the same mistake. And during that, all you can do is use ingenuity and learn in your own way. Because experience is the accumulation of improvements.” This is a message that Mr. Anan repeats over and over to the younger members.


Craftsman of Welding
Ikuo Hino




“Master it through your body”

Welding is one of the critical processes in the Benda Method. The rings are given overlap portions when they are cut, and the welding consists of fixing rings vertically with a clamp and electrode, and then joining them together by melting the overlap portions. Mr. Hino is the skilled hand who carries cut finishing so that the cross-sectional misalignment of the welded rings is within ±0.2mm. “You have to learn by doing it yourself. It’s the only way.” The young members are overwhelmed by Mr. Hino’s welding skills, but they yearn to possess them nonetheless.


Craftsman of Inspection
Setsuko Nakano




“In inspection, there are no simple answers.”

In the final stage of the manufacturing process, there is an anchor who guards Benda Kogyo’s quality levels. This is Ms. Nakano, who passes her watchful eye over the products before they are shipped. “As soon as I come to work, my eyes are riveted on the products wherever I am and wherever I go.”