Using the juncture of our 50th anniversary to pave the way for our next 100 years. One Benda Project

will build structures for implementing effective and optimal business operations under a group-wide business strategy.

As part of our 50th anniversary operations, Benda Group has formulated the First Mid-term Business Plan for the first time,covering the three fiscal years 2015 to 2017. Its pillar will be the “United Benda Project.”

The project’s highest goal will be the integration of the Benda Group.
It will take the forms in place hitherto – whereby the Group’s companies worked individually to cultivate and expand their own operations – and evolve them so as to build structures for implementing effective and optimal business operations under a group -wide business strategy.
The aim will be to align the Group’s vectors, and alongside that to strengthen mutual ties among the various member companies and assign clear roles to them.

Transition to consolidated accounting. 17.4 billion yen sales volume targeted for the fiscal year ending March 2017.

Our results of the 2014 fiscal year were: sales volume 12.5 billion yen, operating profit margin 9% and ROA 6%. We have set a target of raising those figures by 39%, 10% and 6% respectively in the consolidated accounts for the 2017 fiscal year, the final year of the project.

Outline of the United Benda Project

  • Present situation

    Japan and South Korea account for over 60% of our sales, but the shares of the North American, ASEAN and other markets are on an increasing trend.

  • Market trends

    Engine production is gradually declining in the Japanese and South Korean markets, whereas it is forecast to rise elesewhere, with a dramatic increase to 52 million units in the Chinese market from 2012 onward.

  • Countermeasure

    The Group as a whole must respond swiftly and flexibly to the major changes taking place in the external environment, such as the shift of automobile production to the emerging nations and rising sales in the assembly domain.

Four projects to be put in motion toward the shape envisioned three years from nowOne Benda

<Four projects>
<The envisioned sahpe>
Development ability to present tot OEMs on analytical sortware
Put strategic marketing activities into action in a timely manner
Achieve option-location production and strengthened cost competitiveness
Business management
Early grasp of monthly business performance on a consolidated basis and KPI of group